Industrial Investments 

Narval Investimenti acts as a stable, medium-to-long term partner in supporting development plans for companies with high growth potential and/or with a desire or need for a change in ownership structure, in the presence of a valid industrial project and a management team with proven ability. Narval Investments is convinced that the quality of personal relationships is crucial to the success of any investment.

With more than two decades of experience in investing in private companies, Narval Investimenti can provide companies with a network of contacts and relationships that can contribute to their strategic choices and development.

  • SIED

    Sied operates 17 run-of-river hydroelectric power plants throughout the Alps. 


    Year of entry: 2004
    Type: 25% minority stake in co-investment with Ferrero Group S.p.A. 

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  • ARBO

    Arbo is Italys leading distributor of spare parts and accessories for heating and air conditioning systems.


    Year of entry: 2022
    Type: 10% minority stake in co-investment with NB Renaissance.

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    PerMicro is one of the most important microcredit companies in Italy, operating throughout the country with a clear mission of social inclusion. 


    Year of entry: 2007
    Type: 13% minority stake.

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    Solar operates a 32 MW portfolio of photovoltaic plants located mainly in southern Italy.


    Year of entry: 2009
    Type: 16,5% minority stake.  

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    Farmagorà is a platform that seeks to bring together pharmacies located mainly in northern Italy. The aim is to transform individual pharmacies into an integrated retail service that connects them into an innovation- and customer service-oriented group.


    Year of entry: 2023
    Type: 12% minority stake.

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