Narval Investimenti holds office and residential properties in prestigious locations mainly in Turin and Milan on a long-term basis.
To date, the company is present with significant real estate investments in Turin and Milan.

  • via-caradosso

    Via Caradosso, Milano

    Via Caradosso, Milano

    Signed by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, the redevelopment of an elegant office building built in 1928 in the centre of Milan, designed by architect Pica, included the conservative rehabilitation and restoration of the historical elements characterising the building, as well as a modern renovation of the interior spaces with recovery of the attic rooms and redesign of the central courtyard. 

    The whole-building redevelopment project is matched by an energy upgrade aimed at optimising the buildings internal comfort and consumption. Passive and active strategies were used, with a complete replacement of all plant systems operated by automated systems. 

    The project aims to obtain LEED GOLD certification from the US Green Building Council. 

    Since April 2022 it has been the Milan headquarters of Ersel S.p.A. 

  • piazza-solferino

    Piazza Solferino, Torino

    Piazza Solferino, Torino

    Currently the Turin headquarters of Ersel S.p.A., the building was originally the historic residence of the Ceriana family, who at the beginning of the 20th century assigned the project to Carlo Ceppi, an eclectic and brilliant architect. 

    Already an office building in the 1930s, it has been extensively transformed in its interior parts to the present day. In the early 2000s, it became the property of the Giubergia and Argentero families and underwent a major internal renovation and restoration of the facades.

  • residenza-ferrucci

    Residenza Ferrucci, Torino

    Residenza Ferrucci, Torino

    The intervention consists of the refunctionalisation by means of a complete transformation of a former religious residence into a modern student hotel in the heart of Turin. The project has resulted in the construction of 150 rooms, with 220 beds, spread over five levels, equipped with all comforts and featuring relaxation and common areas, a gymnasium and a large restaurant. All spaces are designed for maximum usability, encouraging interaction between guests. Particular attention has been paid to the choice of materials and fine finishes to maximise and guarantee quality and visual appeal. In addition, an inner courtyard, defined by a side connecting walkway, is the perfect place for socialising and relaxing outdoors, an inviting setting that promotes conviviality and liveliness.

    Since 2020, it has been managed by Fondazione CEUR, a leading student hospitality company in Italy.

  • corso-dante

    Corso Dante, Torino

    Corso Dante, Torino

    This historically significant structure, designed in 1899, was originally built as the headquarters of FIAT. In the post-war period, it first became a trainee school, then ISVOR (Development and Organisation Institute) and later a FIAT Group training centre. Closed in 2008, the entire area was then redeveloped in 2010 to create a new modern building with a focus on environmental sustainability. The heating and air conditioning system is now equipped with a geothermal system, while the lighting system is designed to limit consumption in unused spaces. 

    Inside, there are various spaces, including workstations, informal teamwork stations, glass boxes, themed rooms, meeting rooms, video conferencing facilities and meeting areas, open areas, acoustic rooms, training rooms and lounges/rest areas. The new headquarters accommodates almost 500 people, spread over three floors and a total of about 7,000 sqm. 

    Since 2018, it has been the new Italian headquarters of Santander Consumer Bank. 

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